Our story

The story of PKD World can be traced back to 2004 and its founder Pierre Djemis, a very interesting personality who has emerged from the Ivorian and Chinese business community and is known for his work in international business law, one of his earliest passions.

Mr. Djemis has been awarded an Attorney’s Aptitude Certificate (CAPA) in
Côte d’Ivoire and was also issued Decree 60/MEMJ/DSJRH by the
Ivorian Ministry of Justice, which allows him to practice in the capacity of
Legal Consultant.

His business, PKD Conseil, got its start in Abidjan in 2004, and Mr.Djemis decided to surround himself with top-tier lawyers and consultants in order to support clients who were interested in the creative nature of his consulting business.With its sights set on development on a global scale, PKD Conseil got a foothold in Asia and particularly in China (Shanghai) by opening another consulting firm, PKD Consulting Shanghai, offering its clients its rich expertise in working with emerging markets.

His love of adventure was inspired by a Jesuit school that promotes the
idea of an open spirit. An old saying of this famous Reims Jesuit school
has always served as Mr. Djemis’ motto: “Rider, whatever obstacle you
may face, surmount it on your steed, and your heart will follow.”

Over the course of many years and with the help of its management team,
PKD World has enhanced its trustworthiness and reputation by providing
consulting services to government ministries, embassies, regional and
local authorities, and companies from an entire spectrum of sectors
including energy, oil, and infrastructure.

2016 has ushered in a new age marked by new organizations equipped
with innovative programs that make it possible to combine our consulting
experience in Africa, Asia, the United States in Europe within a single
group: PKD World.

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