Institutional Lobbying

Lobbying consists of involving a network of influential decision makers or top-tier political or financial players in order to arrive
at a decision that would be in the best interests of our clients.

PKD World connects its clients with public figures who are able to have
an impact on the development of their business at the international level.
In this context, PKD World organizes the following:

Dans ce cadre, PKD World organise :

  • Conferences around the world on business opportunities between
  • Fora on the economic advancement of countries held in France,
    Thailand, the U.S., China, etc.

Financial Lobbying

PKD World has a deep understanding of the international business
environment, especially that of African, European, and Asian

Thus, in order to help financial players build contacts with potential African, European, or Asian clients, PKD World organizes business trips
to Africa, Europe, and Asia on behalf of businesses that would like to meet with African, European, or Asian companies or public institutions to discuss potential opportunities for mutual cooperation.

Why choose us for your lobbying work?


We are available anytime and very proactive in supporting you in your projects.


Loyalty and expertise form the core of our work.


Our lengthy experience and innovative products allow us to provide the best possible service.

Consulting in public affairs

Organizing your business trips

Before the trip

Preparing necessary formalities for the trip (Visa applications, hotel
reservations, airfare reservations, etc.)

During the trip

Logistics support, organizing business meetings, legal support throughout your negotiations.

After the trip

Setting up a system to follow up on the trip.

Develop your public relations!