Intercultural Training

PKD World and our team of trainers commit to supporting you as you embark on our Intercultural Management training program,
which is offered by PKD World to decision makers who aspire to work together with international companies.

 Intended goals:
  • Learn to recognize the existence of diverse cultures, whether in the context of a country’s national culture or its work culture
  • Learn to incorporate the values forming the basis for these cultures
    in your work in various corporate positions
  • Learn how to prepare and manage the negotiations process from a
    practical standpoint, as well as to analyze and prepare for new
  • Learn to mediate between an environment’s cultural particularities and your business’ larger strategic goals

Our target clients

Heads of companies

Company employees

Human resource managers

Sales managers and business marketing heads

Reasons to trust us


We offer a complete training program that bridges theory and practice.


Our courses are conducted by experience consultants coming from a diversity of backgrounds


Our training modules cover the cultural environment of several countries, teaching you all the skills you need to adapt

Consulting & Coaching



decode attitudes, customs, and cultural behavior common to a particular


learn to communicate in a multicultural environment


culturally diverse teams


your project internationally