1st Promotional Expo for Côte d’Ivoire Commodities and Industrialization, May 12-16, 2008 in Shanghai, China

The PKD Conseil law firm organized the 1st Promotional Expo for Côte d’Ivoire Commodities and Industrialization from May 12-16, 2008 at the
Purple Mountain Hotel in Shanghai, China.

China has become an economic giant and an indispensable player in international relations. Today, no international economic developmentstrategy can be designed without taking into account of this large country, of its growth, its businesses, its consumers.

Our platform has made it possible to increase the visibility of players from the primary sector by providing them the opportunity to express themselves and to make a name in China, the largest consumer of raw
materials in the world. Moreover, it 26 was a space for institutional players
and economic operators from both countries to move beyond an economy based on commodities by laying the basis for true technology transfer between Côte-d’Ivoire and China.

The first round of the expo took place under the distinguished leadership
of the President of the Republic, with the guidance of the Prime Minister,
Mr. Guillaume Soro, and under the effective chairmanship of the Minister
of Mines and Energy, Mr. Leon Emmanuel Monnet.

The event, attended by various government officials and Ivorian and Chinese economic operators, aspires to become a permanent framework
for talks on economic and business topics between China and Côte d’Ivoire.

Three (3) important events took place at the 1st Promotional Expo for Côte d’Ivoire Commodities and Industrialization:

  • Conferences
  • B to B meetings
  • Company visits
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