PKD Technologies Inc., a branch of PKD World, strives to become a major player in creating connections among professionals interested in international mobility and immigration.

We are currently seeking a head of digital marketing for our products.


  • Define and build on the demand for attorneys and users: new features, new ideas, and new client experiences.
  • Improve the user experience across different interfaces (websites,mobile sites, Android and iOS apps)
  • Monitor business activity: keeping track of indicators, you will assess the outcome of your actions and continuously optimize supply
    depending on the results. You will be responsible for monitoring client satisfaction.
  • User satisfaction: define, track, and measure levels of satisfaction among our users and professional clients, as well as attorneys and
    administrative assistants, taking into account user experience, loyalty, brand awareness, and satisfaction surveys.
  • Sales development: help create a media strategy, identify potential partners, and manage communication on social networks.
  • Manage the marketing budget by drawing on the knowledge of the experts on our team.

You must have realized by now that this job entails great responsibilities and, at the same time, potential for professional development. You will work in close collaboration with our development teams.

Skills and qualifications

A BAC+5 diploma with a specialization in digital marketing as well as at least 3 years of experience in a digital work environment (a start-up).

  • Skills: Product web marketing.
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