Paris Consulting Paris is a branch of PKD World and an indispensable
player in helping connect individuals and professionals by providing legal
assistance services to subscribed professionals.

Department: PKD Consulting Paris
Project Location(s): Neuilly sur Seine, France
Education: BAC+2, DUT, BTS, ou équivalent

Skills and Qualifications

  • Specialized knowledge

You must possess full working knowledge of the rules and techniques of
general accounting practices and be proficient in using relevant professional software.

  • Interpersonal skills

Rigorous, organized, and independent, you must demonstrate your
flexibility and ability to adapt to our work environment.


Working together with our company’s accounting and finance team, you will help maintain the books for PKD Consulting Paris and will work in a cross-functional manner with other units within the company.

  • Participate in general bookkeeping work for PKD Consulting Paris: keeping track of client invoices, legal provisions, and expense reports
  • Create and monitor the tax returns of PKD Consulting Paris together with the accountant
  • Assist in creating and monitoring the company’s financial statements
  • Participate in administrative duties related to accounting work
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