PKD Consulting Paris

Paris, the city of business and culture

Paris is the capital of France. With a gross domestic product (GDP) of 607 billion euros (845 billion dollars) in 2011, which accounted for slightly more than 30 % of the GDP of France, the city, together with its suburbs,
is the financial and business capital of France that occupies the first place
in the world of finance and stock exchanges

The greater Paris area is one of the wealthiest regions in Europe: if it were an independent country, it would be the seventeenth largest
economy in the world, producing more wealth than the Netherlands or
Turkey, and roughly the same amount of wealth as Indonesia.

PKD Consulting Paris was founded in 2016 and registered under number 819 400 037 at the Paris Business and Company Register (RCS). As the European representative of PKD World, our office at the very heart of Paris is ready to listen to its foreign clients who are looking for assistance and support within the European space.

PKD Consulting Paris, a division staffed with expert consultants for your projects 

Our goal is to create a company of experts that brings together both consultants and managers who would be able to mobilize the necessary
expertise for businesses of all sizes.

We live in a changing world, and self-employed individuals account for as much as 15% of the French job market. Of course, we know it’s clear that this new way of working is on the rise, and this is why we offer our legal and administrative assistance services to professional clients who
subscribe to our networking platform « My PKD ».

Reasons to use the services of PKD Consulting Paris:

  • Complete large-scale investment projects (corporate investment) in Africa with performance guarantees of their implementation;
  • Manage the projects in a multicultural setting by drawing on the knowledge from the training programs offered to management and
    employees of European companies who find themselves in a different cultural setting (Training);;
  • Increase your visibility as professionals (attorneys and administrative assistants) by subscribing to the networking platform My PKD to connect with users who work in the legal profession in international mobility and
    immigration (legal and administrative assistance service);
  • Increase your visibility as institutional and private financial players by organizing financial survey trips, conferences, and themed fora on the financial opportunities of investing in Africa (lobbying);
  • Subcontract the verification of administrative documents related to immigration procedures in order to combat document fraud (administrative assistance).
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