New York, “capital of the world”Cabinet d'Affaires et de Lobbying

New York is the largest U.S. city in terms of the number of residents and also one of the most important cities on the American continent.

New York has a huge impact on global trade, finance, the media, art,
fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. Bringing
together the qualities of a global city, it is sometimes called the “capital of
the world.” New York finds itself among the world’s greatest financial and
cultural centers, on par with cities such as London and Hong Kong.

PKD Consulting New York, a consulting company, is taking on the projects of our former Houston office, PKD Consulting Houston. Our mission is to complete projects of great significance in the
United States.

A responsible consulting firm at the heart of New York City/span>

We incorporate the concept of CSR, corporate social responsibility (social, corporate, financial, and environmental responsibility), in our system of governance and in our consulting activity. The goal of our policy is to maintain a virtuous cycle and create win-win situations with our partners, our professional clients, and others.
In order to do this, we bring our specialized know-how, a flexible approach, and great cultural proximity with our clients to the table:
  • Legal assistance for professionals subscribed to our My PKD platform
    (lawyers and administrative assistants);
  • International mobility and immigration (My PKD) ;
  • Corporate investment;;
  • Lobbying; ;
  • Training..
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